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Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

A wedding is not quite a wedding without the glamour and personal touches that you incorporate throughout the big day. And the best and easiest way that couples express their style and unique taste is through floral designs and arrangements. Whether it’s big and bold arrangements, or simple elegant touches of colour – flowers are …Continue reading

The Wedding Season Dilemma


With wedding season closing in, the summer calendars are filling up fast. Although a wedding is traditionally a one-day event, there are wedding showers and bachelorette/bachelor parties that also add to the wedding experience. This means that your summer weekend availability may be dwindling before your eyes. It’s important to not overstretch yourself and to …Continue reading

The Small Things Make All the Difference


It’s very easy for your wedding day to be one huge blur. With so many fine details in play that you have been obsessing over for months or even years, it’s very easy to let most of the day pass you by without even noticing all of your hard work be implemented. While your guests …Continue reading

The Perks of a Summer Wedding


Are you in the midst of planning a wedding and getting caught up on what time of year is best?  Any season will have pros and cons, but summer just seems to hit all the right notes. With access to the outdoors and flowers in full bloom, a summer wedding can be the perfect fit …Continue reading

Early Planning for Your Summer Anniversary Party


Whether you’re planning a company milestone, or a wedding anniversary – anniversary celebrations are the ones that are meant to truly shine and celebrate all that you’ve achieved over the years. It’s time to reflect your emotions of gratitude and throw a spectacular party you’ve got to plan ahead. Here at St. Elias Conference & …Continue reading

2017 Wedding Trends that Wow

groom and groomsmen in front of church

This year is going to be a magical year for weddings! It’s out with the traditional and in with the creative and elaborate themes and décor. Here we look at some of the top WOW wedding trends that are happening for 2017. Trash the Dress Buying a second dress for messy photo shoots is a …Continue reading

5 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

tradeshow setup booth

Taking part in a trade show is a great way to attract more customers and traffic towards your business. And once you have decided to submit an application for a trade show, the next step is to start planning and preparing your booth so that it can gain as much attention and foot traffic as possible …Continue reading

Planning Your Annual General Meeting

annual general meeting table

Every year businesses and corporations around the world have their shareholders (and often, management teams) sit down together and discuss their previous year’s progress and future business plans. For smaller businesses this can easily be conducted on-site at the company’s office or main headquarters. However, for larger corporations, this becomes a bit more challenging and …Continue reading

5 Popular Wedding Traditions

popular christian wedding traditions

The wedding day often goes hand-in-hand with tradition. It is often what defines much about the big day and how it is even planned. From elaborate ceremonies to the subtle acts of good luck – they are often incorporated every step of the way. But for many of us who feel the need to have …Continue reading

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