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Your Culinary Options are Endless

Our culinary expertise here at the St. Elias Centre knows no bounds, thanks to our professionally trained staff. Over the years, we've amassed an ever-growing reputation for succulent catered dishes and menus that can be tweaked to beautifully compliment corporate events, wedding receptions, and everything in-between. Our facility's increasing popularity is without a doubt the result of our premium quality food and customer service.

Premium Quality Cuisine

We make it a point to bring in nothing but the finest and freshest ingredients, enabling us to produce premium quality dishes fit for any event held at our facility. Our well-trained team of culinary and catering professionals serves meals targeted for Canadian appetites and tastes, and does so at competitive and affordable prices fit for all budgets. Our comprehensive menu also includes a wide assortment of Lebanese appetizers, and the St. Elias Centre is proud to employ separate cooks specializing in Canadian and Lebanese food.

External Catering Services

If for some reason we cannot provide the ethnic foods you desire for your event, it would be our pleasure to accept an external caterer to help make any gathering you hold with us a resounding culinary success. In the event that you opt for an external caterer, the food they prepare will be served by our serving staff. This, coupled with the supervision of kitchen facilities by our own chef, allows for an uninterrupted premium level of guest and customer service throughout the duration of any event held with us.

Buffets and Packages

The St. Elias Centre has been specifically designed to accommodate for 50 to 1000 guests for any special event, and therefore we’ve made it easier than ever to provide adequate and appropriate dining options. We offer a wide range of packages fit for an assortment of events, including working lunches, social events, galas, fundraising events, corporate meetings, and wedding receptions. Sumptuous buffet options and menu packages allow for you to tweak an event’s dining options to perfectly suit a specific ambiance, guest list, or theme. Light refreshment break packages and food stations are also available upon request.

At the St. Elias Centre, we pride ourselves on serving only the freshest and most delectable meals to each and every one of our guests. Your event’s success relies on us being a professionally staffed and accommodating location, and by selecting our multipurpose facility to hold your next gathering it’s never been easier to make a great impression. Please review the menu below at your discretion, and feel free to contact us with any questions or to make plans.