5 Lebanese Dishes We Love

5 Lebanese Dishes We Love

Lebanese food is a unique type of cuisine that is hearty, delicious and one of the healthier options out there. Though it shares similar ingredients found in both Turkish and Greek cuisines, this Middle Eastern nation has managed to combine healthy staples like fruits, vegetables, meats and a range of spices to create something that is truly mouthwatering and satisfying. Here are some of our favourite Lebanese dishes we love and recommend serving at your future event.

Kibbeh Balls

Kibbeh balls are one of the most popular Middle Eastern dishes. It combines bulgar wheat with ground meat, onions and spices which are gathered into balls and then fried until they are perfectly golden. The combination of crispiness on the outside with the softer center makes them so tasty and ideal for serving as an appetizer, side or even main for any event.


Tabouleh is another very common staple in Lebanese cuisine. There are variations of this dish, but it typically includes freshly chopped parsley, fresh mint, tomatoes, bulgar, onion, lemon juice, spices and a drizzle of olive oil. It’s a favourite among many vegetarians and makes a great addition to any meal.

Traditional Dips

When it comes to serving delicious appetizers, Lebanese dips and spreads are always a hit. There are three main ones: Hummus, Baba Ghanouj and Labneh. The first and most common is made from blended chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. The second combines cooked eggplant, spices, tahini, and lemon juice. And the third is a thick, creamy spread that resembles a velvety cream cheese. Each of these are rich, full of flavour and served with a side of warmed pita bread to enjoy.

Meat Fatayer

Meat fatayer, also known as meat pies, are exactly that – delicious dough triangles that are stuffed with richly spiced meat and onions. Lamb or beef are usually the meat of choice for these. Then each doughy triangle is baked until golden brown. These are hearty, decadent and one of our most catered items served as an entrée or appetizer.

Cheese Sambusek

These crispy, cheesy stuffed turnovers are mouthwatering, to say the least. They’re savoury pastries filled with halloumi cheese, mint, parsley, and other spices, depending on the recipe. Whenever these are served, they don’t last long!

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