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Top Tips to Help Make Your Corporate Events Stand Out

3 tips to help make your corporate event stand out

When hosting corporate events, you want to keep people engaged. That means ensuring folks are having a good time, not rolling their eyes at a theme that doesn’t match the occasion or feels half-baked, and helping everyone feel welcome There’s a misconception that corporate events are the dullest, most lifeless occasions out there. That’s not the case …Continue reading

Hosting a Modern Corporate Event

Hosting a Modern Corporate Event

The business world is changing drastically, which means the way you manage your staff can sometimes be challenging. Many businesses today are spread out with people working from home and only communicating via email, video call, or phone. This modern approach to business makes it even more important to host corporate events, even if it …Continue reading

Decorating Your Venue on a Budget

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When you are looking for ideas to create a stunning backdrop for your special event it is not unusual to have certain budget restrictions. There are, however many ways you can decorate your banquet hall without breaking the bank including: Lights Using white Christmas lights is an excellent way to add sophistication and sparkle to …Continue reading

10 Perfect DIY Touches for an Unforgettable Wedding

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The modern bride has taken to adding personal touches to her wedding as a way to save money and add some personality. If you are considering adding some DIY touches to your wedding, try these five unforgettable ideas: Wedding Bouquets Wedding bouquets can cost a fortune for something you are literally going to toss away. …Continue reading

5 Ways to Create a Beautiful Wedding Reception

6 ways to create a beautiful wedding reception

Trying to create a beautiful wedding reception isn’t always easy. By following these five professional decorating tips, you’re sure to have a beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed of: Lighting You can truly create a magical and romantic wedding reception experience by adding your own decorative lighting. You can work with the existing lighting and look …Continue reading

How to Host the Perfect Engagement Party

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There are not that many occasions in life that are perfectly designed for a big celebration. Engagements are big in the summer as many individuals get down on one knee and ask their loved ones to share their hand in marriage. Sharing this information with all of your friends and family is one of those …Continue reading

9 Corporate Party Ideas to Make Your Event a Success

9 Corporate Party Ideas to Make Your Event a Success

Corporate events are often viewed by staff as a boring event they have to endure. However, you can help your team enjoy themselves with proper planning and a little creativity. Here are four corporate party ideas to make your event a success: Trivia Most people enjoy the challenge of a good trivia game. You can …Continue reading

How to Have a Beautiful Winter Wedding

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Winter is custom made for an elegant white wedding. With nature as your backdrop, you can hold a beautiful winter wedding filled with elegant ice, sophisticated silver and wonderful sparkling white to perfect the look of your wedding venue. Hosting a beautiful winter wedding also means having the necessary staples in place to ensure you …Continue reading

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Wedding Reception Venues

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Wedding Reception Venues

Couples dream of planning their big day. They meticulously plan the clothes they’ll wear, the food they’ll eat and, of course, the venue where it will all take place. To help you avoid any unpleasant surprises, here are eight things to bear in mind regarding wedding receptions, some of which you might not have considered …Continue reading

8 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Venue

8 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is the backdrop for your reception. This means that everything should be as close to your vision as possible, ensuring the atmosphere and ambiance meet your expectations. There are several different ways to go about achieving this. Here are eight wonderful ways in particular to customize your wedding venue. Lighting Lighting is …Continue reading