5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season for a Wedding

5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season for a Wedding

The pleasant temperatures, the off-season deals, and the stunning foliage are just a few reasons why fall is the best season for a wedding. If you’re contemplating whether to push your wedding date until the autumn, here are some of the best perks to consider about hosting your big day during this beautiful season.

The Cooler Temperatures

Dressing up in heavy gowns and suits can be stifling and downright uncomfortable during the humid summer heat. But with the cooler, fresh temperatures in the fall, you won’t have to worry about sweating off your makeup. You and your guests can enjoy the milder weather and stay comfortable in any outfit. Avoiding heat is one of the biggest reasons why many couples decide to host their wedding in the fall.  

The Stunning Foliage

Of course, the fall time always creates a stunning display of colours with the changing foliage. This offers a picturesque backdrop for any special occasion. It also makes those photo ops even more spectacular with such a striking array of red and orange hues that add instant beauty to the background.

The Colour Themes

If you love the colour themes that come with this season, consider how you can incorporate it into your wedding theme. For flower arrangements, take advantage of the magnificent autumn pallet by opting for deep purples, burnt orange, and blooms of vibrant yellow and red. Lilies, orange gerbera, purple alstroemeria, orchids, and dahlias are just a few of the seasonal favourites for this time of year.

Off-season Deals

As popular as you may think the fall season is for weddings, it’s still considered part of the off-season. This makes it even more attractive since off-season usually means you can snag some better rates for certain items. You’ll also have less competition to deal with which can make it easier to book your desired date. 

Guests Can Attend

Most people are back from vacation and have more availability in their schedules during the fall. This means with more downtime at home, your guests will likely be able to attend your wedding. So there’s no need to make family and friends work around their summer vacation plans to accommodate you. 

Embrace the fall season by hosting your wedding during this spectacular time of year at the St. Elias Centre. Our multi-flex venue can accommodate all of your needs, whether you plan to host an intimate gathering or a larger one. We also provide in-house catering created by our chef and award-winning culinary team. We’re ready to make your wedding day exactly as you envisioned it. Get in touch today to learn more! 

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