5 Tips for a Successful Team-Building Event

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Corporate events can be a great way to build team camaraderie, incorporate new staff members into the fold, and help with training and education. Without proper planning, however, team-building events can stray off-course. Fortunately, these five tips should help you plan a successful team-building event:

Create & Reinforce Theme

When planning a team-building event, you should have a theme and goal in mind and be sure to remember these aims at every stage of the planning process. If your goal is to get staff members from different branches to meet each other, then plan activities that get people interacting rather than staying in small, close-knit groups. If your goal is to introduce a new policy, then make sure that is woven into the event in an educational but entertaining way.

Location that Suits Your Needs

Once you have set out your goals, it is important to find the right location to help achieve these objectives. Ottawa corporate event venues such as the St. Elias Centre are well-suited to host team-building events of any size, providing you with exceptional facilities and attendant service to help make your event a success.

Organization and Planning

Every possible detail should be arranged in advance. This way you can avoid as many last-second headaches as possible and make sure the event runs smoothly. You can work with your Ottawa corporate event venue to make sure the venue and food are planned to perfection for the big day. If you need to purchase decorations or make any special orders, make sure you do so well in advance. When you are organized and have the details planned, your team-building event is sure to be a success.


It is important to schedule your team-building event at a time that makes sense for all of your employees. If your industry has a busy season, schedule the event after this rush is over. If employees from out of town will need to travel in for the event, make sure you plan the event far ahead, so they are given plenty of notice. You can save money on hotel rooms and other required purchases by planning well in advance.


Your team-building event should definitely have plenty of fun activities if you wish to boost morale. You can improve communication, promote bonding, and build trust through many fun activities, from karaoke to scavenger hunts. Lessons will be better absorbed when they are taught in a fun way rather than through stale PowerPoint presentations. Use the opportunity to be creative and boost morale.

Make your team-building event a success with these organization and planning tips.

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