8 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Venue

8 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is the backdrop for your reception. This means that everything should be as close to your vision as possible, ensuring the atmosphere and ambiance meet your expectations. There are several different ways to go about achieving this. Here are eight wonderful ways in particular to customize your wedding venue.


Lighting is one of the most effective ways to set the mood at your wedding venue. Use candelabras, chandeliers, all-over lighting, uplighting along walls, backlighting, lit ice sculptures, and even the old standby of white fairy lights to enhance the decor of the space in question. Coloured lighting can also be used to match your theme colour, cast on walls and ceilings (this is particularly effective if the uplit surface is white).

Mother Nature

A lovely trend is using real trees and branches to add a touch of nature to your wedding venue. Trees such as birch and willows are elegant and delicate and when paired with fairy lights, ribbon, crystal, or mirror decorations to catch the light. In many ways, you can create a truly enchanting wonderland of your own imagination! If you prefer, you can also go overboard with flowers creating arches, wall hangings, garland, and additional floral arrangements along walls or even flanking the dance floor.

Table Configuration

Consider using an unusual table configuration. For instance, line up round tables to form an interesting endless table, use square or rectangular alternatives, or mix and match various shapes and sizes. If you’re opting for the latter, a great way to do this is to consider the guests who will be attending your wedding. If you know people who will want to sit together like families, their relatives or friends, you can group more tables together or order larger ones. Where you have couples or people who have come alone, you can create smaller tables, which will make it easier for these people to connect.


Get creative with fabric and consider draping walls behind the head table, creating a tent-like effect on the ceiling. On that note, you might even be interested in using fabric to create little tents above tables for an Arabian Nights feel. Provide your own accent table linens in more vibrant colours or patterns that better suit your personality and theme. You can add covers or sashes – or both – to your chairs. Make sure the fabric matches the napkins or the floral arrangements for an extra pop of colour. The addition of fabric softens the wedding venue.  


Rent furniture and create a lounge area for your wedding venue where guests can sit and enjoy martinis. You will almost certainly have some guests who don’t want to join in with the dancing, have difficulty with too much noise or are looking for respite between dances. A lounge area, set up in an alcove or off to the side where there is less noise, can be a great place to socialize with other guests in comfort while still being able to watch the festivities. 

Gift Table/Guest Book

Create an interesting display for your gift and reception tables. Accessorize with details about yourselves, antique family photos, meaningful items such as a silver set your grandparents received at their wedding, or something fun to match the theme of your wedding.

Food Stations and Flexible Menus

Create food stations that guests can visit at their leisure. Set up stunning ice sculptures, displays of fruit, fountains, candles, and/or floral displays. These add extra personality to each station.

Your guests will have a host of dietary needs and regimes, so having a limited menu is less favourable. Instead, opt for catering that has a little something for everyone. With a buffet-style layout, you can include pasta bars and roast stations, fruit and vegetable trays, and a variety of desserts. This way, you don’t have to alter specific dishes for guests who are gluten-free, vegan, or on keto or paleo diets. Besides, it can be fun for some to pick and choose what goes on their plates. Look for a venue that offers in-house catering or that will allow you to bring in external caterers.

Use More Glassware

Add more glassware to your tables such as different coloured glass goblets, crystal water jugs, or decanted wine in crystal jugs for sparkle. To make this day even more unique, you can get personalized wine glasses or champagne glasses to commemorate the wedding. With glasses marked “Bride” and “Groom,” there’s no way you’ll mix your drink up with someone else’s, and you’ll have a beautiful souvenir to mark the occasion. Consider using glass in your centrepieces as well rather than silver or gold. The light will shine off the material and create a gorgeous glittering effect. 

Your wedding will be more memorable using any or all of these unique ideas to customize your venue. Looking for a beautiful place to host your wedding? St. Elias Centre is well-appointed, beautiful, and ideal for gatherings of all sizes. The staff know how important this day is, so they work closely with the happy couple to help them achieve their dream wedding, no matter what the budget. Contact us today for more information.