How to Have a Beautiful Winter Wedding

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Winter is custom made for an elegant white wedding. With nature as your backdrop, you can hold a beautiful winter wedding filled with elegant ice, sophisticated silver and wonderful sparkling white to perfect the look of your wedding venue. Hosting a beautiful winter wedding also means having the necessary staples in place to ensure you and your guests stay warm and comfortable. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure your winter wedding is magical and cozy:

Don’t Forget Winter Accessories

Be prepared for those bitterly cold winter temperatures by adding some key winter accessories to your outfits. You can choose a faux fur stole or a chic cardigan to drape over top of your dress. Alternatively, consider opting for a long sleeve dress so you can look beautiful while staying safe and warm from the cold.

Layer Up Under the Dress

In case your wedding day falls on an extra chilly day with a wind chill warning, plan ahead and have thick tights on hand so you can put them on before getting into your dress. This is a pro tip that many brides use for adding an extra layer of warmth without ruining the look of the dress since the tights will be hidden under the dress.

Winter Beauty Prep

Winter weather makes the air extra dry, which can lead to dry skin and chapped lips. Before the big day, have your moisturizer readily available whenever you need it and store chapstick in your purse so you can reapply it to keep your lips plump.

Choose Warm Footwear

If your toes and feet are icy cold, it can be agonizing and uncomfortable which can distract you from enjoying your wedding day. Consider warmth and beauty when selecting your shoes. If there’s snow or freezing rain in the forecast, opt for stylish winter boots that are practical.

Plan for Extra Travel Time

Snow and ice can stall traffic and cause delays. Give plenty of extra time for everyone to get to the venue so you won’t have to stress and worry about being late.

Use Candles to Create a Romantic Winter Setting

Embrace the darker winter evenings by adding some warmth and romance to your wedding venue with candles. It’s a simple touch that can enhance the entire space with a cozy, intimate and inviting ambience.

Serve Hot Beverages on Arrival

Don’t forget to keep your guests nice and toasty by serving up some hot beverages once they arrive. This will be a welcomed treat that will convey your appreciation for them attending during the bitter weather, and it’ll set the mood as they warm up.

It’s easy to create a winter wedding filled with wonder and magic with these tips. Contact us today to learn more.