Creating Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

Creating Your Winter Wedding Bouquet

With a snowy white backdrop, twinkling lights and holiday décor, winter weddings can feel pretty magical. Even though it may seem like a season that doesn’t offer beautiful blooms, you can find some of the most unique and stunning range of flowers to create elegant, earthy and vibrant looking bouquets. With combinations of deep rich reds, purples, evergreen, white and more, you can create arrangements that will add the perfect, sultry, warm and cozy touch against the cold winter chill. Here are our suggestions for the nicest winter wedding bouquets.

Winter Holly Berries

In our opinion, no winter wedding flower arrangement is complete without some winter holly berries. The deep, rich red colour is perfectly akin to the wintertime, especially when it’s combined with complimentary colours of evergreen and white.


It’s fluffy, soft, and so dreamy when added to an arrangement with berries, roses and evergreens. The warm and feathery texture, combined with the stark white colour makes it so fitting for a winter wedding.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath has been a steady favourite for decades. The small and delicate flowers make it elegant, wild, rustic, and vintage, all at the same time. Whether it’s the star of the show or peppered behind the main blooms, it’s always a great flower to include.


We love them placed around our home, so why not incorporate them into your special wedding day? Succulents come in such a wide variety of unique shapes, sizes and hues. Their soft and neutral pallets add just the right blend of colour that’s earthy, subtle and ideal for a more muted colour scheme.


If you’re going for a more contemporary and modern style for your wedding, a good winter bloom to consider is anemones. These are some of the most eye-catching flowers that exist, with blooms that come in a beautiful cup-like shape with a brilliant range of colours to choose from. They are graceful, stylish and a very popular flower for brides who are looking for something a little extra.


Dahlias are unique, show-stopping flowers that produce big, creamy coloured blossoms. These are ideal to include as the main event in your bouquets. They pair nicely with off-white roses or soft green and pink flowers.

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