Emceeing an Event?

Emceeing an Event?

So, you’ve been asked to Emcee an event? Perhaps it’s been quite some time since you took the stage or maybe even it’s your first time, so naturally, you might be feeling a tad anxious. But don’t be! If you follow these tips, you’re sure to do a great job and deliver an exceptional performance.

Prepare Well in Advance

Don’t go in unprepared and expect it to turn out well. You should have the whole event planned from when you first step on the stage to when it’s over. To get an idea of how often you will need to speak on stage, talk to the event planner first regarding the schedule. Once you have the program, you can then organize every speech, introduction, and wrap up down to the second.

Create an Impressive Kick-Off and Closing

You only get a few seconds to impress the audience and to set the tone for the entire event. So make sure you plan an elaborate and impressive kick off for the event opener. The closing should also wow the audience with a detailed closing that gives thanks to the audience and recaps the key points.

Practice and Rehearse

The more you can familiarize yourself with your script, the more likely you will deliver your presentation with ease. You should also talk to the event staff to see if you can get some time before the event to practice on the same stage. This will allow you to get a better idea of how your voice will fill the room, as well as try out different speaking volumes and pitches to perfect your delivery.

Dress to Impress

Know the dress code in advance and dress appropriately for the event. You should look sharp without standing out like a sore thumb.

Be Positive and Energetic

As mentioned before, you are setting the tone of the event, so if you come out dull and expressionless, everyone else will follow suit. From the minute you step out on stage, smile and continue to be enthusiastic throughout the program to keep everyone upbeat and engaged.

Be In Charge

The event planner will be in charge of the event, but once you step on stage, the power flips over to you. That means you need to control the schedule and what happens. So make sure you have the timing down to a tee, and stay on top of your time management to ensure that each segment starts and ends exactly on time.

Don’t Forget to Introduce the Speakers

When you introduce the speakers to the stage, don’t just give their name and hand over the mic. You should also give a short bio of who they are and what they do. That also includes yourself, especially if most people don’t know who you are.

Make Everyone Look Good

Emceeing an event also means your job is to make everyone look good on stage. If you’re going to crack a joke, make sure that it doesn’t embarrass anyone or make people look bad. You should know your audience and what is appropriate and what is not.

Talk Clearly and Loudly

It’s important that people can clearly hear and understand you. While shouting is never appreciated, make sure you talk just loud enough so that everyone can hear you from all areas of the room. Also, try not to rush through segments. Even if you’re nervous, remember to take a breath, slow down and speak clearly.

If you’re throwing an event, the Emcee is always an important component. Talk to our coordinator at the St. Elias Centre today to learn how we can help you plan out your event.

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