How to Keep a Team-Building Event on Track

Team building

If you’re planning a corporate event such as a team building retreat, there are many things to think about to ensure that your event is successful and appreciated by all attendees. Make sure to keep the following things in mind when planning your event:

Manage Expectations

Before getting to the actual event, make sure that you consider what each employee would like to achieve through the exercises of the day. Discuss the goals of the event, and find out what everyone would like to see as part of the corporate event. Managing these expectations is an important part of team building success.

Schedule a Convenient Time

Participants will be more receptive to team building exercises if they do not interfere too much with their regular routines and schedules. If you can, schedule the activity during the workday.

Go Offsite

Getting out of your usual office setting will promote more collaboration between employees. The St. Elias Centre is the perfect location for your corporate event. The Centre hosts many corporate events/functions, providing ample conference and meeting space for conference events of all sizes.

Create an Agenda

Distribute an agenda to attendees beforehand. This will give the participants a sense of purpose and they will be able to know what to expect.

Set Group Norms

Making sure that everyone gets a chance to speak their mind can be hard when there are so many different types of personalities in a work group. By setting guidelines as to when people are allowed to speak, you will be able to manage the group discussions with ease.

Everyone Leads

Select a leader for smaller group sessions, and allow each participant to take a turn leading a session.

Collaboration > Competition

Games and activities can be a fun way to foster team building at your corporate event. If not managed properly, they can adversely lead to negative competition. Make sure that the games you choose encourage collaboration between employees, rather than each person competing against each other.

Consult a professional

Consider hiring a guest speaker or a training company. Choosing a good leader can really change the dynamic and excite colleagues into participating.

Feed Everyone

Provide a snack or a lunch for employees halfway through the training session. It may seem simple, but people can be motivated to have better ideas on a full stomach.

Get Feedback

The only way to find out if everyone enjoyed the event that you planned is to ask the people who attended! Use this feedback constructively to help you plan your next corporate event.

Remember – teamwork makes the dream work!

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