How to Knock Your Product Launch Out of the Park

How to Knock Your Product Launch Out of the Park

Got a brilliant product that you think will make you the next millionaire? If so, you need to make sure that your product gets seen by all the right people when you launch, otherwise you can kiss your success goodbye. To knock your product launch out of the park, follow these five tips for ultimate success with your product.

Start a Rolling Launch

Before your launch date, you need to create some excitement over your product. To do this, you’ll need to start targeting people on social media 6-8 weeks before your official launch date to get them eager about your offering. Be sure to post something every couple of days to keep the news going and to entice new interested buyers. You should also approach influencers in your market who can encourage people to try your product once it launches and then write reviews once it has hit the market to attract more buyers.

Take Pre-Orders

Another way to get a buzz going is to take pre-orders. Offer an incredible deal that people can’t resist to get sales started before you even launch.

Contact Industry Analysts and Media

Don’t forget to contact industry analysts, radio stations, and local TV programs to set up a slot to launch your product through their channels. You’ll want to get airtime right after you launch your product, as well as every couple of weeks to stay top of mind and to attract new target customers who may not have yet heard about your product.

Set Goals

This is a big one. You need to set relevant goals and regularly measure to see how you’re performing. This will allow you to prepare in advance for any sudden spikes in sales, and unexpected performance issues while staying true to your brand.

Select the Right Venue for a Launch Party

Throwing a launch party is always a must. To throw a fun party that leads to more stales, be sure to start early by building up the anticipation of it by showcasing why people should attend. Do something a little unusual to get people intrigued and don’t forget to tell local media sources about it so you can pump even more life into your event.

Gather Feedback

Remember to gather customer feedback right after you launch your product. This can give you insights into the areas you need to improve to make your product a success and to boost sales.

Your launch party needs the right venue. One that has flexible space, a stunning design, professional staff, and onsite catering that will impress your guests. It’s also as equally import to set the right mood so that people can embrace your product and associate the brand with luxury and success. Come view our event space at St. Elias Conference Centre — we have everything you need to knock your product launch out of the park!

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