St. Elias Christmas Parties are the Best Christmas Parties

St. Elias Christmas Parties are the Best Christmas Parties

Did you know that St. Elias Christmas parties are some the best Christmas parties in all of Ottawa? It’s true! With thousands of celebrations held at our elegant event space over the years, we’ve gained a reputation for excellence. This season, why not host a holiday party that your guests will talk about well after it’s over? We can make your celebration the topic of conversation at the office or during your next family gathering. Here’s just a sneak peek at how we can help you throw the best party of the year!

Our Dynamic Venue Space

Our impressive venue space spans over 11,000 square feet with the capacity to accommodate gatherings both large and small, whether it’s a guest list as large as 1,000 or as small as 50. Our multi-purpose facility was designed to easily adjust to our clients’ needs with the ability to split up space into smaller sections or utilize our entire hall for a grand affair. So whatever layout you have in mind, we can accommodate.

Our Modern and Elegant Décor

We know that the décor is equally as important when it comes to choosing the right venue that will wow your guests. That’s why you won’t find anything outdated here. Our newly designed space features a modern and elegant interior, including our striking lobby that’s guaranteed to leave a good lasting impression with your guests upon arrival. With our chic furniture, dazzling chandeliers, and eye-catching architecture, you’ll have the perfect lavish setting to welcome your guests in style.

Top-Tiered Catering from Our Executive Chef

At St. Elias, there’s no need to worry about catering. Our Executive Chef and award-winning culinary team will deliver a sumptuous menu of your choice, featuring the finest and freshest fresh ingredients offered at competitive prices. With a wide assortment of options, including home-grown Canadian items as well as our specialized Lebanese menu, we can appease any palate.

Client Services to Assist You

We know that the holidays can be a hectic and stressful time of year, and organizing an event on top of everything can be challenging with so much going on. But you can take the stress out of planning and allow us to assist you in organizing your ideal Christmas party with our professional client services. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

When you want to throw a holiday bash for the books, St. Elias Christmas parties are guaranteed to leave your guests more than impressed. Our team, venue, and culinary masters will provide everything you need to host your celebration in style and on budget, with all of the essential components that’ll make your dream party a reality. Contact us today to learn more!

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