The Perfect Sweet 16 Party

The Perfect Sweet 16 Party

Sweet sixteen birthdays are a big deal for many. It’s the age that marks the first real transition from a young teenager into early adulthood. That’s why for so many families in Ottawa, it has become a tradition to really highlight this birthday and make it extra special. When it comes time to plan it out, well, it’s not hard to imagine the pressure and stress it can also create for the parent.

If you have a sweet sixteen to plan for, here are some factors to consider ahead of time to assist you in making it the perfect celebration for your special teen.

Create a Budget

Although sweet sixteens are meant to be extra special, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to cost a fortune. Before you begin the planning process, create a realistic budget that you can follow with some extra wiggle room included in case there are a few unforeseen expenses. Without a budget, that one celebration can really end up adding up quickly.

Choose a Theme and Venue

Talk to your teen about some ideas and what they would enjoy for the theme and party venue in Ottawa. Then brainstorm different ways to incorporate those ideas. For example, if your teen loves the tropical theme, you can plan out a beach birthday bash, or if they want something more formal, then consider renting an event space to host the big day.

Make the Invitee List

Ask your teen to start creating a list of their friends who they would like to invite. They can be in charge of this, as well as handing out any invitations. Just be cautious of the amount of people attending and whether the number jives with your venue and budget.

Find Entertainment

Finding the appropriate form of entertainment will also be something that should be discussed with your teen since their tastes and styles change so frequently. If they’re into music, consider hiring a DJ, or simply having an iPod station available where music can easily be played.

Decide on Food

The food is where your budget can be devoured easily! So whether you plan on having it catered, or if you prefer to do some home-style cooking, or even at a restaurant, have the details figured out, along with the menu to ensure that it caters to a variety of tastes.
If you have a sweet sixteen birthday to plan out, don’t let the stress get in the way of the celebration. Always begin by setting a budget, and then talk to your teen to get them involved. Having them involved can make the planning process much easier by removing the guessing game from the equation.

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