Top Wedding Trends of 2019

Top Wedding Trends of 2019

From traditional classics to beloved vintage, to new, minimalistic, and modern – if you’re looking for the top wedding trends of 2019, find them all right here.

A Regal Affair

Thanks to the likes of Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge, the trendy Royal Family continues to be a staple fashion icon, making the regal wedding vibe bigger than ever this year. This pageantry style is all about blinged-out dresses, long veils, billowy sleeves, tiaras, mossy green and brass to create a swanky setting that’s truly fit for a queen.


Though wineries, distilleries, and barns are still all the rage, breweries are stepping up as the new favourite casual venue setting for weddings. Intimate, romantic, with a perfect blend of modern and vintage, craft breweries offer a more relaxed, out-of-the-box setting.

Glam Bars and Amenity Baskets

Heard of glam bars? These offer guests some mints, flip flops, sprays, and more to freshen up during the course of the evening. But this year, we’re seeing even more pimped out amenities including hair and makeup stations with pros on hand to help keep guests looking fab even until the wee hours.

Rich, Moody Palette

When it comes to the colours, midnight blue, emerald green, and lush burgundies are steadily emerging on top. Incorporating modern notes with this warm, rich, and inviting palette is ideal for any time of the year, but it especially shines in a wintry setting.

Comfort Foods Dressed to Impress

Food is always a vital part of planning your big day. And if you’re a fan of comfort food, you’re in luck! As far as edible trends go, we’re seeing a big mash-up lately of old school classics that are dressed to impress. Think lobster mac and cheese, beer floats in champagne glasses, swanky sliders, and donuts. It’s the best of both worlds!

Custom Suits

Forget about the same old boring tux. Bespoke suits are giving the groom a new look that’s more personalized for the ultimate keepsake. We’re talking about custom embroidery, funky patterned lining, and more. After all, it’s his special day too, so why not go all out? Find everything you need for hosting your next event at the St. Elias Centre. Located in the heart of Ottawa, we offer a flexible, modern venue, with ample onsite parking and professional inhouse catering from our award-winning team. Our staff can help you sort out all of the details to ensure your event is set to impress. Contact us today to learn more.