10 Events You Can Host at the St. Elias Centre

10 events you can host at st. elias centre

If you’re in charge of planning corporate events than you know it can be a challenge to find the perfect venue with delicious food, exceptional service and stunning surroundings. At St. Elias Centre in Ottawa, you will enjoy planning any event with helpful staff, impressive gourmet menus and rooms that can accommodate small or large events.

Here are 10 examples of events you can host at the St. Elias Centre:

1. Training Sessions and Seminars

All you need from quiet, spacious rooms to access equipment, you can train staff, hold seminars or even offer seminars for clients while offering yummy lunches or a great dinner or buffet at the end of the day.

2. Product Launches

Having a beautiful backdrop to launch new products and services can add to the appeal and allow you to get a better turn out especially if it is at a convenient location.

3. Company Awards

If your company holds staff awards the St. Elias is the perfect place for corporate events designed to celebrate. Good food, as well as podiums and ample seating will allow you to present awards and offer a celebratory meal to show your appreciation.

4. Charity Events

If you hold a lot of charity events to raise money you can always use a convenient location to get a better turn out and raise more money.

5. Shareholders Meetings

When it comes to corporate events a shareholder meeting is not the time to scrimp. Elegant surroundings and well prepared food shout success without being to extravagant to make people think you are spending their dividends.

6. Team Building

Perhaps the most hated of corporate events, if you choose a spot that says you care people might be more open to participating.

7. Customer Appreciation Days

Corporate events are not always about the company, sometimes they need to be about the client.

8. Industry Networking

A growing trend for larger corporations such as retailers networking events allow a group of like companies or mutually beneficial vendors and services to meet and share ideas and information.

9. Holiday Parties

One of the most anticipated corporate events of the year, you want elegance, taste and indulgence.

10. Press Conferences

Hopefully it is to announce good news and not deflect bad. Either way a central meeting place will be more convenient.

Don’t let finding a place to hold your corporate events slow you down, instead depend on St. Elias Centre.


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