6 Things You Didn’t Know About Wedding Reception Venues

things you should know when selecting a wedding venue

Couples dream of planning their big day, they dream of the clothes they’ll wear, the food they’ll eat and of course the venue where it will all take place. What most couples don’t take into consideration are unpleasant wedding surprises.


To help you avoid some of these unpleasant surprises here are six things you didn’t know about wedding receptions:


Many venues only allow you to use their own decorations. This can prove disappointing when planning weddings, as Ottawa couples want to meet their exact specifications.

Decorations will play a major role in setting the mood for your reception. Although it is nice to have your choice of linens you want to know your reception hall will work with all of the vendors you need to create the beautiful backdrop you want for your once in a lifetime moment.

Bar and Wine Service

Not all receptions have the same bar and wine service. Be certain you understand what your price includes. A cash bar means your guests will have to pay for their drinks. However, there are other options such as an open bar which provides all drinks throughout the evening or a host bar that serves drinks for an allotted period of time. This is usually charged with a certain amount per guest, but allows them to consume unlimited drinks during the time allotted.


Be very careful about what your venue will provide regarding set-up. You do not want any misunderstandings on your wedding day. Define what will be set-up and by whom. Make sure you coordinate with florists and any other vendors you hire in hand with your venue. Have it in writing what they will be doing, and what they expect your other suppliers to do themselves. This is very important if you want to avoid disappointment.

Floor Plan

Do not proceed with a wedding reception venue until you understand how the room will be laid out. You do not want to end up without enough space for a dance floor, a head table no one can see or tables so close together people can not get in and out of their seats comfortably.

Special Meal Requests

You might not know all the special diet requests for all of your guests when looking at venues, but make sure you ask how guests are accommodated. With many people with dietary restrictions you want to make sure everyone can be given food that is both safe and diet appropriate.

Additional Fees

Make sure you find out if there are any additional fees such as a cake serving fee or more importantly a cancellation fee if something were to happen.

Ottawa couples will feel more comfortable knowing their wedding plans will go smoother by knowing these important facts.


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