2016’s Most Anticipated Wedding Cake Trends

2016’s Most Anticipated Wedding Cake Trends

Most people who have been married, or who are in the process of organizing their wedding, will know all too well just how important small details really are. From gluten-free and vegetarian food options to the colour of the ribbons tied to the back of the chairs to the size of the bridesmaid’s heels, weddings really do test the patience of even the most organized person. And, one feature of a wedding that definitely deserves lots of attention is the cake. Wedding cakes are great at acting as a canvas to demonstrate the theme of your wedding, whether that’s classic black and white, all things nautical, or a scene from a fairytale book. Cakes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and can act out just about any theme you can imagine. So, if you’re planning on getting hitched in 2016, you’ll be excited to know that there are all sorts of new wedding cake trends that are predicted to be huge this year. Here they are!

Painted Wedding Cakes

The concept may sound a little strange, but boy, do painted wedding cakes look good! If you’re planning on having a colourful wedding, or would like the cake to act as the “accent” of the party, then opting for a painted wedding cake is a fantastic idea. People are even going for stained-glass painted cakes, and Monet-inspired design – will you be one of them?

Ombre Wedding Cakes

It’s safe to say that ombre really is taking over. Not only is ombre hair super popular right now, but it’s now possible to get an ombre cake for your wedding. This cake idea proves to be extremely artistic, and can be done in all sorts of ways. If your colour theme is pastel blue, great! If it’s more of a hot pink, then that can be done, too. There is an ombre cake to suit every style and taste, so this wedding cake trend is definitely worth looking into further.

Metallic Wedding Cakes

Metallic cakes are so in right now. If you’re going for a classic, old-Hollywood feel at your wedding, then a metallic wedding cake will fit in perfectly. But, even if you’re not, they look great with a range of themes. They are a perfect way of combining classic and modern, and can be made in all sorts of unusual shades.

Ruffled Wedding Cakes

One wedding cake theme that’s becoming increasingly popular is ruffled, since it looks so sophisticated and elegant. Ruffled wedding cakes look light and airy, and perfect when combined with floral décor. Simple, minimalistic and oh so pretty, it’s no surprise that this wedding cake trend will be a big hit in 2016.

Lace Wedding Cakes

If you want a classic and elegant wedding cake but aren’t feeling the whole “ruffled” thing, then a lace wedding cake is a good option to consider. These are particularly effective if the bride is wearing a lace wedding dress, but still look fantastic even if that isn’t the case. A tiered wedding cake with minor lace details is super popular right now, but is also a blissfully timeless design.