Why Get Married in the Winter?

Why Get Married in the Winter?

Although most couples tend to tie the knot in the spring or summer, there really is no denying the romance of a white winter wedding. With snow falling all around and beautiful white blankets covering the ground, wedding photographs can easily look like the setting of a winter wonderland. So, if you’re considering getting married in the winter of 2016, below are a few awesome reasons why you should absolutely go for it.

You Can Create an Indoor Paradise

It’s possible but unpleasant to have an outdoor wedding in the winter, so why not grab the opportunity to create an indoor paradise for your wedding reception and party? After all, the fact that it gets dark so early in the winter allows you to start the party just that little bit sooner. Go crazy with ice sculptures, dot your tables with winter flowers like roses and hydrangeas, and serve up comforting hot drinks rather than cocktails. Winter wedding parties are known to be super intimate and cozy, and what more could you want with your closest family and friends?

You Can Make Your Money Go Further

Because so many people tend to get married in the warmer months, tying the knot in the winter can actually be a much cheaper option – so it’s ideal if you’re on a tight budget. You’ll find much more availability with suppliers and wedding venues in Ottawa, because winter is a less busy time of year. It’s definitely a sensible thing to consider when thinking about a winter wedding.

You Don’t Need to Worry About the Weather

When you set your wedding date to sometime in the spring or summer, there’s always a terrifying chance that it will rain, and your outdoor wedding will be instantly ruined. But, in the winter, you’ll be expecting bad weather anyway, and you’ll be all set for it. So, in a sense, a winter wedding is much less risky weather-wise than a spring or summer one.

You Can Look Like a Winter Princess

If the whole Frozen look is totally your thing, then getting married in the winter would be perfect for you. In the summer months, wedding dresses are all about the whole floaty, lacy look, but winter provides the chance to dress up like a winter princess. Think long, detailed, extravagant dresses, hair styled with crystals, and a plum or deep red lip colour. Winter is the perfect season to rock this style.

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