2017 Wedding Trends that Wow

groom and groomsmen in front of church

This year is going to be a magical year for weddings! It’s out with the traditional and in with the creative and elaborate themes and décor. Here we look at some of the top WOW wedding trends that are happening for 2017.

Trash the Dress

Buying a second dress for messy photo shoots is a popular new trend that’s catching on fast. It’s all about slipping out of your real wedding dress and into your prop dress to climb onto that sand filled beach and get that perfect photo with your partner. With “trash the dress,” people are taking wedding photos to a whole new level.

Industrial Setting

Warehouses are becoming quite the trend for hosting entire ceremonies, from start to finish. We’re finding over the top centerpieces, twinkle lights, rugs, and gothic candles to fill up the airy space and make it intimate and romantic. With high ceilings, open concepts, and combinations of wood and metal, warehouses make the perfect location for a vintage-themed wedding.

Rooftop Views

Weddings this year are definitely aiming to impress. That’s why so many couples are turning to large rooftop terraces.  Nothing says “Wow!” more than a stunning city, ocean or mountain backdrop.

Natural and Organic

Green will be the colour to watch out for this year, not just in bridesmaids’ dresses, but also floral arrangements, linens, and carpets. Plus, the natural theme doesn’t stop there. Forest settings are becoming increasingly popular as the place to create that perfect, magical wedding setting.

Hanging Floral

Hanging floral arrangements have been a popular décor item and aren’t going away anytime soon. Luscious ivy and petals strung across with twinkling lights help create the perfect décor to go with those magical, outdoor backdrops.

Detachable Skirts

Bridesmaids have a lot to say when it comes to wedding fashion. And they should since they’re an intricate part of the wedding. Breezy and detachable skirts will be keeping bridesmaids happy once the after party picks up to hit the dance floor.


Weddings are not just about the couple – they’re also about entertaining the guests. And lawn games are one of the top attractions this year, from lawn bowling to croquet. They’re excellent ways to get friends and family to mingle with each other while having fun.

Foodie Trends

Food installations like sundae-bars, candy stations, and doughnut walls, are popping up everywhere to satisfy those sweet treats that we all crave.

With so many amazing trends coming alive this year, one can only wish they’ll receive an invitation to attend and indulge in some of these potential themes this year!

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