Early Planning for Your Summer Anniversary Party

Early Planning for Your Summer Anniversary Party

Whether you’re planning a company milestone, or a wedding anniversary – anniversary celebrations are the ones that are meant to truly shine and celebrate all that you’ve achieved over the years. It’s time to reflect your emotions of gratitude and throw a spectacular party you’ve got to plan ahead.

Here at St. Elias Conference & Banquet Centre, we know that planning a big bash can be an overwhelming task to endure. 8

Set the Date

First things first – when do you want to celebrate? Summer is of course, the season that’s made for celebrations. Take the first step and select the date and time. It’s a good idea to really consider this carefully so that there aren’t any other conflicting dates that might take away from your guest list and such.

Select Location and Venue

Think about the formality that you desire for your anniversary party – are you thinking of a casual setting at home, dinner at a restaurant, or maybe you want to go all out and truly celebrate in a banquet hall? Once you’ve set the date, start brainstorming about the location and venue.

Choose a Theme

Themes are an essential component to parties – especially anniversary ones! Plus, they add that element of fun to the celebration. The best part is that the theme can be just about whatever you decide – you can choose a vintage theme to commemorate your parent’s anniversary, or even gold-coloured accents that make it a lavish and extravagant setting. Get creative and find what fits for your party.

Invite the Guests

If you’re not throwing a party for two, then you’ve got to have the guests in tow so that the people who mean the most to you can be there to celebrate this milestone with you. So next up – send out those invitations! And getting those RSVPs can be a hassle, so be sure to nag people if you have to so you can get them on time.

Think About Food and Drinks

Once you have an idea of how many guests will be attending, you can plan out the situation with food and beverages. Keep your budget in mind when planning this out. Depending on your party, you can hire a caterer, or better yet – you may not even need to search around if you select a venue that offers a chef and catering on-site, like here at the St. Elias Centre!

Plan Your Entertainment

Finally, parties are all about the music and entertainment. Spend quality time researching or asking around for recommendations for a great band or entertainer that would help make your party one that no one will forget.

Early planning for your summer anniversary party is the key to avoiding those overwhelming thoughts and feelings. Get started by following these steps!

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