2018 Wedding Cake Trends

2018 Wedding Cake Trends

For some people, the wedding cake is really the star of the show, after the bride, of course! With hand-painted florals and other mind-blowing artistic elements, the options are really endless. But if you’re eager to learn what the upcoming 2018 wedding cake trends will be, get your sweet tooth ready for these drool-worthy designs.

Marble Cakes

Everyone loves the polished look of marble, so imagine just how elegant it would look infused into your wedding cake design. The combination of white, grey and even gold make this design clean, contemporary and charming.

Black Cakes

Who says your cake has to be white and bright? Today, with so many modern trends veering from tradition, you can add any personalized style you desire. And that includes the ever-popular black cake 2018 wedding cake trend. Blended with some dainty macaroons and drizzled with metallic accents such as gold, this is a definite, elegant showstopper.

3D Textured Cakes

3D is the name of the game these days, and with this advanced design element, it really can let you stretch your imagination! With 3D printed designs, cake artistry has reached a whole new level this year, creating eye-popping, contemporary cakes that are truly an art piece to savour.

Hand-Painted Cakes

For some couples, sticking with traditional, hand-made styles is the way to go. And with hand-painted cakes, you can blend your love of clean, modern designs with the classic look of beautiful, hand-painted flowers that can add bursts of colour throughout your cake to accent your décor perfectly.

Succulent Cakes

Succulents seem to be popping up just about everywhere when it comes to interior décor, and there’s no exception for wedding cakes this year. You can expect to see cakes topped with hand-made terrarium-inspired designs to create an earthy and chic look.

Geometric Accents

Another popular design that is gearing up to snag a leading spot this year is the geometric accents. This is the perfect style for the minimalistic couple that also enjoys a clean, contemporary design.

The wedding cake is meant to reflect the individual style of each couple, so don’t be afraid to get creative! If you’re looking for some ideas, let these top growing 2018 wedding cake trends inspire you to find the perfect showpiece that will wow your guests and taste scrumptious, too. And when you’re ready to lock in the perfect venue, reach out to us at the St. Elias Centre. We have the perfect venue that we guaranteed will impress both you and your guests. Contact us today, and our team will be more than happy to discuss all that we have to offer.

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