4 Fun Ideas for Your Banquet Hall Wedding

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You want your wedding to be a fun occasion where people will enjoy themselves and create memories to last a lifetime. Your banquet hall can be set up to accommodate a number of fun activities that will help personalize your wedding while making sure people are not sitting at their tables staring at the centerpieces. Here are four fun ideas for your banquet hall wedding:

Photo Booth

This is a retro idea which has come back into the spotlight. There can be downtime at weddings, while people wait for the bride and groom to arrive, or between dinner and dancing. A photo booth is the perfect time killer, but it also allows people to pop in and create a memory of the event. You can offer fun costumes and props which tie in with your wedding theme. They can be really elegant touches, or just be fun hats, boas and sunglasses. Each guest will have a picture of the wedding and many photo booth rental companies will upload images to a private website so people can look at all of the shots.

Centerpiece Giveaways

Come up with a fun way for people to compete for the centerpiece at their table. You can have a raffle for each table where everyone puts their names in a hat and the bride pulls names before or after dinner. You can also have people sing a song to fight for the centerpiece or even make people show off their dance moves. It’s all in good fun and will prove an excellent entertainment for your banquet hall wedding.

Host a Game Show

You can rent a number of game show props and have people compete for prizes. You can have tables competing against each other or do a boys against the girls between the groomsmen and bridesmaids. There are many options such as spinning wheels, trivia and match games. You could even do a newlywed game for married couples, including the newest couple of all.

Ask for Advice Cards

This allows guests to offer advice on how the bride and groom can have a happy marriage. You can have cards placed on each table with a specific question and each guest can write out their advice. Guests can take turns reading their answers aloud. Some advice will be very heartfelt and insightful, both other guests will provide some good laughs. You can also collect the cards and the bride can read the questions and the groom can read the answers or vice versa.

These ideas are sure to make your banquet hall wedding a blast and make it a wedding to remember forever.

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