5 Wedding Trends of 2015

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If you are planning a wedding for 2015 here are five wedding trends that will be popping up in the banquet halls Ottawa couples book:

Tea on the Terrace

The Brits are having a huge influence here across the pond thanks to shows such as Downton Abbey and the continuing love story between Kate and William. The end result is a wedding trend looking at outdoor garden parties and tea on the terrace for brides and grooms. This is a theme that can still be carried out in banquet halls Ottawa couples book using garden details such as large planters with trees and trellises covered in fresh and tumbling flowers. Be sure to include interesting furnishings such as classic painted cast-iron tables, benches and chairs and charming centerpieces inspired by English gardens.

Champagne Fountains

This is a blast from the past with an ice cold bubbly fountain perfect for dipping elegant fluted glasses to toast the bride. However, a modern twist adds fruit juices and other interesting beverages to create a signature cocktail for the fountains. This can also cut down on lines at the bar to make the guest experience more enjoyable and interactive. You could even concoct a special blend to match your wedding colours.

Station in Life

Tasting stations are all the rage for 2015. Banquet halls Ottawa couples book will be seeing a trend away from the basic sit-down meal to an exploration in flavours allowing guests to visit different set-ups and sample new foods. This is a fun way to have dinner and allows people to enjoy more choices than just chicken or steak. If you have guests with dietary restrictions, this is a great way for them to enjoy some food without feeling self-conscious about skipping others.

Family-Style Tables

Another trend is moving away from the table for ten set-up and instead using long, inviting tables where people gather together. This family-friendly set-up is ideal for smaller weddings, but with a large enough table it can work for medium-sized weddings as well. To get that same community feel at larger weddings, the meals can still be served family-style. The passing of bowl at smaller tables will keep people talking and feeling special surrounded by great company and irresistible food.


Adding a touch of whimsy to centerpieces, ceremonies and even music creates a laid-back feel which can reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you infuse whimsy into your wedding day making it the perfect option to make things your own.

These are just five wedding trends you will see for 2015. With these creative trends, the banquet halls Ottawa couples are hiring for their receptions will be transformed.

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