4 Things Guests Remember Most About Events

4 Things Guests Remember Most About Events

Planning a big event such as a wedding involves several steps, all of which are vital to a successful end result. To start, hiring a wedding planner right off the bat can reduce stress and ensure that you don’t miss any important details which otherwise may be overlooked. While your wedding is your celebration, you want your guests to enjoy it too, which is why we’ve prepared a guide for things that guests remember most as you plan out your big day.

Your guests will certainly be impressed by the glamorous aspects of your wedding, like your dress, the flower arrangements, and the cake! However, there are some more logistical aspects of your wedding that guests will take note of, and these little things can have a huge impact on their experience and memories of your day. So, what will your guests remember most from your wedding?


While the length of your ceremony will depend on your venue and cultural traditions, it’s safe to keep your ceremony around 20 to 30 minutes. This gives enough to perform the ceremony and exchange vows, but doesn’t drag on while your guests start to get hungry!

Good food can easily be one of the most memorable highlights of a wedding. We encourage you to make it unique: set up an oyster bar, taco stand, or incorporate a diverse selection of tasty hors d’oeuvres!


Your choice of venue will make a big difference. You may pick a venue based on its gorgeous views or fun, unique vibe. However, what guests will remember most are the logistics. They will remember things like if parking was easy or tricky, or if they were uncomfortably hot or cold in the venue. They will certainly remember if the venue selected was an adequate size for the number of guests invited.

If They Got a Moment with You

This one can be difficult, because the day goes by so fast and as the bride or groom, you have enough responsibilities as it is! Check with your coordinator for a strategy to make sure you get at least one greeting with each guest. Whether you have a traditional receiving line or time allotted to stop by each table, it is important to make time for your guests.

We’d be thrilled to assist you with making your big day a resounding success. Whether it’s simple or more elaborate, choosing the St. Elias Centre for your reception will make for a wonderful evening filled with great memories. Contact us today and we can begin working on a customized wedding package for you that meets your needs and budget.