5 Qualities to Look For in an Event Planner

5 Qualities to Look For in an Event Planner

Before you hire an event planner for your upcoming event, you should be aware of certain qualities to look for so you know that they’ll be up to the task. If you know someone who possesses the qualities listed below, don’t hesitate to hire them for your event planning needs, as you can be confident they’ll handle your event planning effectively and professionally.


During the planning of an event, nothing is more important than being attentive to details. Planners are hired to keep track of numerous bits of information such as dates, times, locations, and seating arrangements, along with making sure that all of the client’s requests have been properly addressed before the event. If your planner has exceptional attention to detail, you know that their entire planning strategy is carefully organized, which means that your event will likely not involve unnecessary chaos and stress.

Embracing Future Technology

With the fact that technology is constantly and rapidly evolving, an event planner who is caught up with the latest trends and innovations in technology can provide you with a more efficient, streamlined event planning. Social media is evolving in the same way, and an event planner who can use it to their advantage can give you an edge over your competitors.

Creative and Bold

A sign of a truly capable event planner is being willing to work outside the box and inject some bold creativity into your event planning. For the inevitable kinks that come in the planning phase, it’s valuable to have an event planner who can find ways to work around them, and still have the creativity to make your event unique and special.

People Skills

As an event planner, people skills are one of the most important skills to have. A sure sign that you can be confident in your event planner is if they’re able to give clear, precise communication when talking to vendors, clients and suppliers. Also, they should have a clear, intuitive understanding of what you’re looking for in your event.

Excellent Time Management

During event planning, time management is essential: having the remarkable ability to juggle several important things at once while having an adequate space of time allotted to get each task taken care of. If you are beginning the planning for an event months in advance, you don’t want a planner who’s a procrastinator and waits to resolve things until the last minute. Hire someone with good time management and multitasking skills and your event planning will be all the better for it.

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