5 Amazing Wedding Themes

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When you and your partner are ready to say “I do,” there are many decision to be made. From the guest list and outfits to which of the great Ottawa wedding venues you will choose, there are many choices that go into planning your wedding. If you haven’t decided on a theme yet, these amazing wedding themes can make for an unforgettable wedding:

Rustic Theme

You can make your wedding warm and homey with a country-look and rustic feel. You can get married on a farm with a barn and gorgeous green outdoor backdrop, but even indoor or winter weddings can be given rustic charm. Wood décor, handmade DIY stationary, long family-style tables, and Mason jar centrepieces give that down-home appeal. Be sure to decorate the room with plenty of natural flowers to make the rustic theme come alive – the bride can even wear cowboy boots!

Modern Theme

A modern wedding theme is the perfect opportunity to be a trendsetter and impress your guests with your contemporary flair. Crisp whites, bold reds, sharp lines, and warm lighting are must-haves. Your wedding cake can really communicate your modern style with an elegant and eye-catching design, like a delicate stencil flower pattern.

Vintage Theme

Step back in time with a vintage wedding theme. For a real personal touch, see if you can borrow items from your family members – imagine walking down the aisle at one of the elegant Ottawa wedding venues with your grandmother’s veil or a bridal clip from your partner’s side of the family. To really sell the theme, you can have a string quartet perform, or just get your DJ to spin tunes from back in the day. You can top it off as you ride away in a “just married” vintage car rental.

Off-Beat Theme

You can really let your personality shine through by choosing an off-beat wedding theme. Rather than trying to fit within a certain theme made popular by other couples, you can pick and choose your own favourites. Whether you’d rather do cake pops and cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake, or choose to decorate Ottawa wedding venues with quirky and creative décor, your guests will have a blast and you’ll have created a one-of-a-kind night to remember.

There are so many appealing wedding themes, it can be difficult to choose only one. Rest assured, no matter what theme you and your partner choose, you can plan an amazing and happy wedding that you’ll never forget.

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