5 Corporate Event Ideas You Wouldn’t Expect

5 Corporate Event Ideas You Wouldn’t Expect

Are you having a hard time getting staff excited about your corporate events? Here are some unexpected ideas guaranteed to boost employee attendance and enjoyment:

Escape Room Puzzles

This is the latest fad sweeping the puzzle game industry and it’s not just for a Friday night with friends – it could also make for a successful and memorable corporate event. How it works: Small teams (typically a group of four or five people) are locked in a room together and the only way to escape is to work together to look for clues and solve the puzzles that will eventually lead them to the key to unlock the door.

The Escape Room activity is a unique and creative way to foster teamwork, bonding and communication amongst your staff. This fun, unorthodox activity plays on each individual’s natural social and critical thinking skills and will help staff discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to work efficiently towards a set goal that benefits their entire team. A recipe for a successful corporate structure!

Awards Ceremonies

Awards are a fun to celebrate and reward staff or personnel for all the hard work they do. It boosts morale across the board and gives staff more incentive to produce exceptional work. Awards ceremonies offer a wide variety of event options to fit any budget – you could plan a casual luncheon or a more formal soiree, where staff could invite friends and family to take part in the festivities.

How-To Classes

Instructional classes and workshops are a great way to increase interpersonal communication among your staff. It provides a safe and informal setting for staff to interact with one another, while fostering a creative and constructive atmosphere which makes for wonderful corporate event. Cooking classes have proven to be one of the most popular corporate options, as it is a break from the subject matter you take on every day (unless you are a cooking staff, that is) and nothing brings people together faster than good food!

Sporting Events

A bit of healthy competition now and again never hurts. Sorting your staff into teams, perhaps intentionally teaming up colleagues from different departments, allows them to get to know each other better and learn how to communicate more effectively and work together as a group in order to achieve victory.

Game Days

Hosting a game day is an overwhelming crowd pleaser! Individual staff or small teams can compete against each other in a series of game show puzzles or tournaments. This could be small scale, perhaps teams of colleagues are pitted against one another in a gripping game of Pictionary, or larger scale with a company-wide race with each team member in a giant hamster ball!

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