How to Choose Your Wedding Song

How to Choose Your Wedding Song

Your wedding song will typically be the first dance song played at your wedding. It will include you and your partner on the dance floor, dancing as other people watch. Because of this pressure, many people will take their time to find the right wedding song for their celebration.

So, what song are you going to play? If you are like most people, then answering this question will be difficult. Music plays an important role in our lives and can come to signify the experience we have with our significant other when moving forward. Whether or not the wedding song is right for you will depend on a lot of factors. With that in mind, we will look at how to choose your wedding song by comparing three of the most common competing interests. With any luck, you will leave with a better sense of what you will want to play.

Significance to You

This is what most people will think first. What song most moves you? What song has the right emotional mood for sharing a public moment with your significant other? Is there something in the music that makes it interesting to you? Does it have a beat and are you capable of dancing to it? Will it be appropriate for the mood of your wedding? All of these and more are questions you should be able to answer. Make a list of the songs significant to you and try to defend each to see which one sits best with you.

Significance to Your Partner

Your first song will also be your partner’s first song. Does your partner have any particular interests or strong desires when it comes to the first wedding song? Are they pushing for one particular song and will they be upset if you want a different song? If you don’t mind the song and don’t have strong opinions of your own on the matter, then it may be easier to let them figure it out.

Significance to Your Life Together

The last way to approach determining your wedding song is to consider something that speaks to you, your partner, and the life you want to share together. It can be the first song you both danced to, a song from a band that has a close, personal connection to the two of you, or even something that represents your hopes and dreams moving forward. Working together to find the right music can be the most challenging and most rewarding way to find a song you like.

No matter what song you choose, your wedding can be a magic night at the St. Elias Centre!

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