5 Events That Require a Banquet Hall

5 Events That Require a Banquet Hall

Are you planning an event in the future but aren’t quite sure where to host it? If you’re looking for a venue that can provide a wide range of services and amenities with flexible capacity, then a banquet hall is your best bet. Here are a few of the most common events that require a banquet hall and why it might suit your needs best.


From bar service to dinner service to coat check, AV services, decorating and staffing – only a banquet hall will provide all the services that you need under one roof for a wedding. A banquet hall also has the space to ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible. At St. Elias Centre, we have 11,500 square feet of space available to accommodate your wedding party. We also have a large stage and AV set up for music, and our in-house chef who can cater the perfect menu for your special day. 

Awards Ceremony

For a spectacular and truly memorable awards ceremony, you need a banquet hall. Our staff will provide your guests with a unique and fantastic experience. With elegant and modern décor, delectable menus to choose from, and responsive staff to help you coordinate all the logistics, we have you covered. Our venue can also be customized to provide you with the exact amount of space that you need.


When throwing a large conference, you need configurable space, all the latest tech equipment for conducting presentations, and top-notch service. The St. Elias Centre prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for corporate events throughout Ottawa. We have all the audiovisual technology required, ample parking, professional staff, and catering services. Our banquet hall is also within easy reach of major highways and only a few minutes from the airport and a number of top-rated hotels. Whether you’re throwing a networking event or trades show, our space can be easily tailored to your event needs to suit your goals and impress your guests. 

Annual General Meeting

Throwing a large company event is no small feat. Having a team of professionals behind you to help ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible can make all the difference. St. Elias Centre offers seamless event services for your company’s annual general meeting. 

Religious Celebration

St. Elias Centre is here to facilitate all of your ceremonial needs. The planners on-site can also help you carefully plan out your event, choose an appropriate menu and decorate the space as required.

Whether you’re searching for a modern wedding venue or a luxurious location to throw a corporate event, St. Elias Centre has all the amenities and space you need. Contact us today to learn more!