5 New Wedding Trends for 2020

5 New Wedding Trends for 2020

If you’re searching for some fresh new ideas to make your wedding day extra special this year, here are some of the top new wedding trends for 2020 to consider.

The Green Theme

It’s 2020 which means the environment is taking center stage in almost every industry, including weddings. Couples today who are looking to tie the knot are incorporating more eco-friendly alternatives to reduce their waste and carbon footprint. By utilizing upcycled and natural décor, sourcing local food and choosing vendors who are eco-conscious, you can make your day memorable and fun while feeling good about protecting the environment at the same time.

Intimate Micro Weddings

With COVID-19 flinging us into a ‘new normal’, one trend that’s guaranteed to stick around for a while is smaller, micro-sized weddings. But a smaller guest list doesn’t mean less fun! Having an intimate setting can actually make it even more special since you get to celebrate with the people who really mean the most to you while cutting down on the cost and stress. 

Thoughtful Menus

Food is an important part of a wedding. And this year, couples are looking to be more thoughtful and inclusive with their selections. With so many people adopting vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, you can appease all of your guests by having some good, tasty alternatives reserved just for them. 

Vintage Everything

From dresses to tables to décor to cutlery and more, vintage is one consistent trend that just keeps gaining momentum. It’s the perfect way to create a classy, personalized theme while cutting down on costs and adding a chic and dapper look to your day.

Charity Check

Giving back is also what the new norm is all about. So rather than thanking guests with costly party favours that mostly end up being thrown out or shoved in a drawer, one trend you can jump on and feel extra good about is making a donation to a charity instead. Find an organization that means something to you as a couple and show your guests how it’s making a difference to help others who are less fortunate.

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