3 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Trade Show

3 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Trade Show

Are you planning a virtual trade show? Running an event online can be quite different than hosting it in a brick and mortar location. From event software to interactive features to chat rooms and lighting, there’s a lot to consider when planning an online event. Learn everything you need here for hosting a virtual trade show that will go off without a hitch. 

Get the Right Software for Your Needs

First things first, you’ll need to download the right software to run a virtual trade show. Skype and Zoom are popular video conferencing options, but they might not have all the tools you need to run a bigger event online. So before you settle on any software, it’s important to make a list of all your needs – vendor number, networking potential, marketing, ads, monitoring, analytics, 24/7 support – so that you can start searching for software that will meet all of your requirements. Then once you have a list of software options, set up a demo with the company so you can see the product in action and test it out before deciding to buy it.

Find the Right Place to Host It

With the kids still at home, your living room may not be the best place to host a virtual trade show. Even if you live alone, your home might not have the right lighting or setup for a virtual event. And let’s face it – you always want to look your best even when on video. If you need a quiet space, consider renting out a private room at a conference centre that will meet all your virtual event needs including AV and lighting equipment so you can present yourself in a more professional manner. 

Prepare for it In Advance

It can take weeks if not months to set up a virtual trade show, so don’t leave it to the last minute to find the software, space, and vendors. Give yourself a couple of months to get everything organized and prepared. Testing the software is also important and should be started no later than one week before your event launch. That way if there’s any issues or something you need added, you have plenty of time to adjust. You’ll also want to give yourself enough time to educate the vendors on the new technology. Setting up individual meetings with each vendor will allow you to address any glitches or issues the vendors may have with learning and implementing the software.

Do you need a place to host your virtual trade show? Contact us at the St. Elias Centre in Ottawa. Our event space offers flexible room space that can be set up in a number of ways to suit your virtual event needs. We also have on-site AV equipment, fast Wi-Fi, and catering services if need be. Reach out today to learn more.