5 of the Most Popular Wedding Dates

5 of the Most Popular Wedding Dates

Mulling over which date to set for your wedding day? It’s a bigger decision than you may realize which is why it’s important to give it some careful consideration. Timing is everything when it comes to the wedding, and the date that you choose will have a significant impact on just about everything, from the cost and venue, to the guests that will be able to attend from overseas. To help you choose when to plan your special day, here are 5 of the most popular wedding dates to consider.


Fall is such a picturesque time of year with those cozy autumn vibes and colours, to the pumpkins, apple cider and fresh crisp air. It’s the perfect time for hosting such a memorable occasion (not to mention the best backdrop for capturing stunning photos!) So, it should be no surprise to hear that it’s one of the most popular wedding dates. If you’re not a fan of the heat, consider hosting your big day in early to mid-October, where you can celebrate your spouse-to-be surrounded by the beauty of this magical time of year.


A splash of summer combined with the early onset of fall makes September the second most in demand time of year for hosting a wedding. You can enjoy the best of both seasons, with the lingering warmth of the summer – perfect for walking down the aisle in your dress – and the fresh fall air and colours that make it a beautiful and comfortable setting for everyone to enjoy, without getting overheated or too cold.


With so many people having more time off from work during the month of June, it’s ideal for throwing a wedding. And since it’s the official arrival of summer, the weather usually isn’t too humid yet as it tends to get in July and August. It’s also more convenient for guests who are coming from overseas since they’ll have more vacation time, which means they will be more likely available to attend.


Spring showers and fresh blossoms make the springtime such a romantic time of year. As the winter finally weakens its grip, the month of May is always a time when people are feeling happier, rejuvenated and ready to get out from hibernation to celebrate. But since springtime does bring showers, it’s also when venues book up fast. So, it’s always wise to book well ahead of time if you plan to set the date during this month.


August is one of the warmest months throughout the year, but if you and your fiancée love the heat, this is the best month for you. It’s also a good time of year for people to escape work or book time off. Just make sure to plan accordingly to beat the heat to keep you and your guests comfortable during the reception.

There are pros and cons to every date and time of year. But all that really counts is what matters most to you and your special someone. Think about your priorities as a couple, the cost factor, and the type of venue you’d like to book. Then go from there, choosing a date that can offer the setting you desire to create your wedding day just as you please. And when you’re on the hunt for the perfect venue in Ottawa, consider St. Elias Centre. Our venue is elegant, modern and full-equipped with everything you need to host the most memorable day. From in-house catering created by our Executive chef, to our award-winning staff – we invite you to create the day you’ve been dreaming of with us. Get in touch to learn more or to book a tour.

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