5 Perks of Having a Winter Wedding

5 Perks of Having a Winter Wedding

Once the excitement of your engagement wears off, the reality sets in that you need to plan a wedding. While most engaged couples choose the spring and summer to tie the knot, a winter wedding can be a more affordable and less stressful option. To explain what we mean, check out these perks of having a winter wedding over choosing one in the busier months.

No Heat or Humidity

The sweltering summer heat can turn your wedding into a sweaty mess. Hot weather can also be detrimental to some people’s health, especially the grandparents if the venue is outside in the blazing sun. In the winter, you don’t have to worry about the hot and humid conditions or wind and rain that can ruin a wedding. Though winter may bring snow and cold temperatures, it’s not as big of a deal since you can host it indoors and dress appropriately to stay warm.

More Venue and Date Options

If you want a spring or summer wedding, you need to plan at least a year or two in advance. Even then you might not be able to get the date you want or the venue of your choice. Neither is an issue when you throw a winter wedding. 

More People Will Show

With all the weddings and events jam-packed in the spring and summer months, your guests will likely have to choose between you and their other commitments. In the wintertime, you don’t have to worry about your secondary list or no-shows. With less on the go during this time of year (besides Christmas of course) people will be more likely to show up and look forward to your event.

Keeps People Together

One thing that can be incredibly frustrating when you have a wedding that mixes outdoor space with indoor space is that it’s difficult to get people together. Some will gather outside in the garden, others will be inside by the bar, some will be hanging out near the parking lot – you get the picture – people end up all over the place. Winter weddings eliminate this problem as the venue is entirely inside, keeping everyone organized and in one space. 

It’s More Affordable

The warmer months tend to be the most popular for weddings. This means the locations and venues book up fast and usually come with a hefty price tag. Whereas in the winter, these same venues are often available at a much lower price. Some venues may even offer additional benefits and discounts to get you to book with them – at no extra cost to you. Travel and accommodations are also cheaper this time of year – a win-win for your family and friends who are coming in from out of town.

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