How to Make an Engaging Presentation for Your Corporate Event

How to Make an Engaging Presentation for Your Corporate Event

Have you been asked to be a keynote speaker or organize a speech for a corporate event? Learn everything you need to know with some tried and tested methods for making an engaging presentation for your corporate event that’s both educational and entertaining. 

Keep the Slides Short

Rule number one, keep the information on the slides short and sweet. This means only 3 points per page. Each point should only be a highlight for a talking point – not a regurgitation of your entire speech. The goal of the PowerPoint is to showcase the important points so that people can easily follow your message from beginning to end. 

Be Clear and Concise

When it comes to portraying your message to your audience, it’s best to cut to the chase and keep it clear and concise. You can start with a story to get people engaged but then it’s important to get straight to the point. Rambling on will only bore people, and going off-topic will make it difficult for people to understand your message. 

Add Videos and Images

The majority of the information people receive today is visual, so if you want them to really grasp and relate to your message, you need images and video clips. Just remember to keep these on topic. If they don’t accentuate a point that you’re making, the visuals will only be more distracting than rewarding. 

Ask Questions

Keep your crowd on their toes by asking questions throughout your presentation. Start with an icebreaker that will get people thinking. Then add a question or two throughout the presentation to break up different topics and get people’s attention back after processing detailed information.    

Add a Little Humour

If you want to captivate people’s attention, humour is your best weapon. In fact, humour is one of the most powerful tools because it creates a bond with your audience, lightens up the mood, and can help people remember your ideas

Have an Impressive Set-Up

If you want to really keep your audience engaged, be sure to maximize the stage setup. This includes having high-quality AV equipment, a clear sounding microphone, and a podium that you can use throughout your presentation. Everyone should be able to clearly hear you, see you, and read your presentation for it to be most effective.

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