5 Perks of Winter Weddings

5 Perks of Winter Weddings

Looking for a unique wedding idea? Something that will “wow” your guests and provide a truly memorable experience? A winter wedding can do exactly that! Sure, it may be a little colder outside, but there are some truly big perks of having your wedding in the winter, especially if you want to get the venue you want and save on expenses. Just check out the following 5 perks of winter weddings, and how it can make for an unforgettable event.

More Options Available

With all the wedding competition in the warmer months, it can be difficult to get the venue you desire and even the preferred date. When you plan a winter wedding, you will have more available venue options, which means you don’t have to wait for your dream venue. You can have the wedding on your terms, exactly how you want it.

Special Discounts

If you plan for a winter wedding, you may be eligible for special off-season discounts from wedding planners and vendors. Discounts may also mean you can get an even better venue than you had originally planned for or be able to invite more friends.

Perfect Hair Condition

When it’s hot and humid in the summer months, your beautiful wedding hair can turn into a sweaty, frizzy mess before you’ve even walked down the aisle. But with a winter wedding, you can maintain perfect hair thanks to the cooler outdoor conditions and zero humidity.

Unique Photos

The winter backdrop of white snow and grey skies can create the perfect winter wonderland. With snow-covered trees and twinkling lights everywhere, it’s easy to impress your guests with a truly magical evening.

More RSVP’s

It’s not uncommon for people to have two to four wedding invites to attend during the busiest wedding months. If your wedding falls on the same date as another, you might not end up with all the RSVP’s you were hoping for. The spring and summer months are also busy months in general for people. Some of your favourite friends and family may have already committed to another event. Booking a winter wedding means you will get more of your friends and family there, and will likely be the event that everyone looks forward to!

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? when you’ve decided on a winter wedding, contact us at St. Elias Centre. We have the perfect venue for your winter wedding –  a stunning hall, elegant décor, on-site catering and bar, ample parking, and professional services designed to make your dream wedding a reality!

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