How to Slim Down Your Guest List

How to Slim Down Your Guest List

When you’re organizing a holiday party – or any party – and are limited on resources, funds or space, slimming down your guest list is a must. Of course, this can be much easier said than done, but with these tips, you can reach your preferred number and avoid hurting anyone’s feelings during the process.

First Round List

First, you should start creating your “must invite” list or, better known as your “first-round” list. If it’s a personal occasion, then this will often include your immediate family followed by closest friends. If it’s a client-business occasion, then start with senior employees plus one, valuable clients plus one and so one. Make your invite list based on priority and work your way down.

Second Round List

The “would like to invite” list is simply a list of all the people you would like to invite that are not on your first-round list. This is your second-round  of people you want at the event if you have space, the budget, or if any first round people are unable to attend. To make this easier for you to decide, try asking yourself how close are you with this person, when was the last time you saw this person, and will this person be upset if not invited? These questions will make it much easier to pinpoint who to invite and who you can exclude, hopefully without offending.

Third Round List

Then, finally, the third-round list is a list of people that you can invite only if someone from your second-round list cancels. This is often second-cousins, old college friends, your friends and parent’s extras, and past business connections. The majority of these people will not be offended if they are not invited.

Breaking The News

If you can’t invite people whom you know will be offended it’s best to talk to them personally if you believe they will find out. Let them know the reasons you cannot invite them at this time – such as spacial or budget requirements. Most people will understand the circumstances once you explain and sincerely apologize for being unable to have them there to celebrate with you.

Knowing how to slim down your guest list can be more of an art than anything. But by separating your lists into these three categories, you can make it easier on yourself and be one step closer to hosting an amazing event.

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