5 Reasons to Host Your Family Reunion at the St. Elias Centre

Family Reunion

When it’s time to come together as a family and celebrate, we’ve got the perfect venue to host your family reunion! At the St. Elias Centre, we provide all you need and more to enjoy a special day celebrating with your loved ones, near and far.

Here are five reasons to host your family reunion at the St. Elias Centre.


Ample Parking

When it comes to hosting an event, we know how important it is to have enough space to house all of those cars that come along with your guests. And that’s why, here at St. Elias Centre, we’ve incorporated ample amount of parking that is free and on site. It can accommodate over 400 parking spots! There’s no need to worry or struggle to find space to park when your family arrives.

Ample Amount of Space

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a big family bash, our recently renovated facilities are suitable for any size event. With our appointed lobby, attractive décor, and expansive ceilings decked with stunning chandeliers, your family will enjoy luxury and fun, all-in-one with ample amount of space to dance the night away.

On-Site Bar

We know that in order to get through a family reunion, often, drinks are a must. When it’s time to delve into some cocktails, our on-site bar and staff are there to serve you and your family. We have a stocked bar and can shake up just about anything you or your guests want.

On-Site Food

In addition to our on-site bar, our venue can provide you with all of your catering needs. We have our own executive chef who is available to serve you and your family some delectable food and can create a menu that you and your family will love. There’s no need to fuss about what to serve – we’ve got it covered for you and are here to help.

Hospitable Staff

Of course, we also have staff to serve you and your family throughout your celebrations. And each of our staff members is thoroughly trained to provide high quality, hospitable service that aims to please our guests and make each celebration a great and memorable experience.

When it’s time to gather the entire family together for a reunion celebration, look no further that The St. Elias Centre. Our goal is to provide you with all you need and more so that you can have a truly enjoyable and memorable celebration.

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