Planning Your Annual General Meeting

annual general meeting table

Every year businesses and corporations around the world have their shareholders (and often, management teams) sit down together and discuss their previous year’s progress and future business plans. For smaller businesses this can easily be conducted on-site at the company’s office or main headquarters. However, for larger corporations, this becomes a bit more challenging and a venue is often required to host the meeting.

And of course, this isn’t just a regular run-of-the-mill meeting. For many companies and corporations, it’s a big deal that requires an elaborate location and environment to culminate a productive and celebratory time. From dinners, guest speakers, fully catered meals, and even large-scale hotel bookings, it’s important to have all the pieces fit together in order to plan out a successful and enjoyable Annual General Meeting.

If you’re in the midst of planning your Annual General Meeting, here are some key elements to consider in order to ensure that your AGM goes just as planned.

The Venue

First, you will need to factor in the potential size of your meeting. Large-scale events are best held in conference halls and private event spaces. You should also consider picking a place that has ample parking and is well landscaped. Having a venue with beautiful décor, expansive, high ceilings, and elegant features will impress everyone and set the tone off on the right foot for the event.

Fully Equipped

A venue that has necessary facilities, such as a mix of large rooms and smaller rooms or a hall that can be sectioned off, is also necessary to conduct various events throughout the AGM. The venue should also be fully equipped with microphones, podiums, chairs, high-speed internet, as well as visual and audio features. In addition, having on-site technical support that fully understands the equipment will help alleviate any unexpected issues.

On-Site Catering

At an AGM, having delicious on-site catering will help keep everyone energized and ready to embrace the on-going events. And if your event spans the course of a couple of days or a week, having a venue with an executive chef who has the ability to alter the menus and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be a must.

Professional Staff

Professional service can make or break your event. Clean, attentive, and cheerful staff will help to keep everyone in good spirits. Finding a venue that offers on-site staffing will also save you from having to hire professional servers, who usually come at a higher price.

Planning your company’s Annual General Meeting doesn’t have to be stressful – it can be fun and rewarding as well. Finding the perfect venue, with all of the on-site amenities that you need can make all the difference in feeling confident that the event will be well-received and enjoyable for all.

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