5 Reasons We Love Winter Weddings

5 Reasons we love winter weddings

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular for couples. Straying from the norm and embracing the winter can provide some perks that the spring and summer simply cannot. Sure they’re warm and toasty, but the winter brings along with it that extra touch of magic, not to mention savings.

So if you haven’t given winter a chance to be your backdrop during the big day, here are five reasons why we love winter weddings in Ottawa and why you might just, too.

It’s Always a Nice Day for A White Wedding

Okay, so maybe Billy Idol won’t be among your wedding songs, but he hit the mark with those lyrics. There’s something that’s magical when you have a winter wonderland as the backdrop to your wedding day. The beauty of those sparkling snowflakes, the twinkling lights, and dusted trees all work together towards creating a fantasy setting that’s just hard to beat during the springtime and summer.

Take Advantage of Early Dusk

Of course, during the wintertime as the sun begins to set earlier, that can only mean one thing – the party and celebrations can start earlier too! Whether it’s the ceremony or the after party, you can embrace the darker evenings by lighting up the night with lights, and lanterns, and getting the evening off to a perfect start.

Cost Savings

One of the most attractive features of throwing a winter wedding is the fact that you can make your money go a lot further. Since the winter isn’t as busy as the summer and spring, it gives you much more wiggle room for keeping your budget low and stretching your money further.

More Availability

And since the competition is lower that means you get to have much more selection available to you. So whether it’s the venue, caterer, or DJ, you can bet there will be much less hassle obtaining and booking what you want.

Accommodating for Guests

If you choose to have your wedding around the holiday season, chances are it will actually work in favour of your guests’ schedules. Since many people receive time off during the holidays, throwing your big day around then can also help accommodate them by allowing them to take advantage of that time off.

So if you have yet to consider throwing your wedding in the winter, maybe it’s time you really gave it some thought. The advantages of it really outweigh any negative potentials. Between the winter wonderland setting, the budget savings and bargaining chips that are in your favour – it’s not hard to see why we absolutely love winter weddings, and why you should too!

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