2016 Staff Christmas Party

2016 Staff Christmas Party

Coming into the fall season there can only be one thing on everyone’s mind… Christmas parties! OK that may be a bit of a stretch, but fall is the time to begin thinking of what to do for your staff Christmas party. As you unwind from summer vacation and days at the beach, your thoughts should turn to “how can I provide my staff with the greatest and most memorable staff Christmas party of their lives?” Here are five things you need to put on a great party:


It has to be somewhere centrally located so as to include people from all over the city. The St. Elias Centre is located directly across from Mooney’s Bay which is an iconic location in the city of Ottawa and easily accessible from all ends of the city.


The location is one thing, but is the venue nice enough or large enough to host a Christmas party to be remembered for years to come? Absolutely! The St. Elias Centre has the option to have one open large banquet hall or two smaller banquet halls depending on the needs of the guest. No party is too big or too small to be held here. One side of the banquet hall hosts a stage for entertainment or speech-giving purposes while the other side has big cathedral type windows. Apply your own tastes in decorations or have the staff at St. Elias do it for you, whatever your customized plans are we can make it magical for you.


Food is a key component to any party. The right food will set the scene for a beautiful and memorable event. St. Elias Centre offers a full chef’s kitchen with a broad menu.

If your tastes are not represented in this menu the St. Elias Centre is open to host outside caterers in their facility to ensure your party is as delicious as possible!


Whether it be alcohol or non-alcoholic, St. Elias Centre has you covered. With bar services available you can be sure that your guests will be able to party the night away!


St. Elias Centre is open to having you set up your own equipment or rental equipment and use the facility as you wish. They also are more than willing to arrange for rental equipment on your behalf inclusive of a DJ, all you have to do is ask!

The St. Elias Centre is clearly the ideal place to host your 2016 Christmas party. Call and book today!

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