5 Signs Your Company Needs a Team-Building Event

5 Signs Your Company Needs a Team-Building Event

It may not sound like the most exciting concept ever conceived, but team- building is necessary for establishing a few important team-related relationships. The employees that make up your company are what determine success or failure, and the cohesiveness and interactions between staff are what make them thrive at their very best. If you’re unsure whether this might be necessary just yet, here are five signs to decipher whether your company might be in need of a team-building event.

Comfort in Communicating

Communication is the backbone to having a successful team. It’s what keeps everyone on task. It facilitates a smooth, fluid system between colleagues, and gets things done. It’s important that coworkers feel comfortable enough to speak their mind and offer their opinion – after all, this is often what they’re being paid for. If there’s a distinctive feeling of neglect and miscommunication among team members – some time for repair might be necessary.

Fostering Trust

If there is very little – or a misguided amount – of communication amongst team members, then you can bet this is more than likely fostering some issues of trust. Obviously, this is something that can take a significant amount of time to establish, however, the more often members can get know each other in an environment that encourages trust, the more likely it will continue to develop naturally over time. Without trust, the need to control matters is something that can very easily permeate throughout a team, causing an overload of work for some with very inefficient outcomes for many.


If you want your team members to improve performance, they might just need a bit of encouragement now and again. If the motivation and enthusiasm seem to have dwindled, this could be the perfect time for introducing a team-building event in order to give them a boost. If you want to ensure that your employees are on task, and performing to the best of their abilities, it is vital to keep them inspired and motivated to perform at their potential.

Encourage Creativity

Creativity is what keeps a company thriving year after year. With the incredibly fast pace within the business world, creativity is what keeps a company running. Group exercises are great for stimulating team members to throw out ideas and bounce them off of each other. Whether it’s encouragement or empty ideas, either way, this allows each person to feed off of another and brainstorm their ideas together. This can additionally, help foster each of the aforementioned points simultaneously.

Get with the Times

Today, it’s more common than not for companies to have teams that consist of a complete range of generations. From the employee who is edging towards retirement, to the 25-year-old that’s fresh out of college – it’s imperative to keep everyone on the same page. With the variety of perspectives, it’s easy to have everyone following their own beat. This isn’t always a bad thing, but when it does throw some conflict into the mix, it could be a good sign that some wrinkles need to be ironed out.

By establishing some ground rules and concepts in a positive environment, you can help form more cohesive interactions among each team member – and there’s simply no better way than with a team-building event. St. Elias Centre is a premiere corporate event venue in Ottawa, perfect for hosting teal-building events, fundraising galas, charity events, trade shows, staff parties, and more!

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