Everything You Need to Know About Ring Sizing

Everything You Need to Know About Ring Sizing

Wedding rings have been exchanged between couples for many years as a symbol of eternal love and devotion. They have no start or finish, which relates closely to the everlasting union of a married couple. It is said that we wear our wedding and engagement rings on our left hand because the ancient Egyptians believed that the vein in the fourth finger connects directly to the heart. You learn something new every day, right? No matter if this is true or not, one thing is for sure – when it comes to rings, size definitely matters. Here is an essential guide to everything you absolutely need to know where ring sizing is concerned.

Understanding Ring Sizing

If you’ve never shopped for rings before, the whole process will probably be rather daunting at first. Standard ring sizes are measured in millimeters based on the ring’s inner circumference, and is sized according to a standard scale, just like women’s clothing. Ring sizing is not done the same way from country to country, however. In Canada, ring sizing is carried out following a numerical scale, with quarter and half sizes. Other countries tend to follow an alphabetical scale, which use whole sizes or a set circumference adjustment.

Getting Measured

Although there are lots of ways for you to measure your ring size from the comfort of your own home, the best possible way to get your ring size accurately measured is to go straight to the source – a jeweler. Going to a jeweler involves them slipping a ring onto your finger, and determining your ring size based on where the ring stops.

Measuring From Home

If measuring your own ring size at home is simply more convenient for you, that’s totally okay. There are lots of ways for you to do so – there’s even a printable ring sizer! Just print the ring size chart at “Scale 100” and place the ring over the circles, lining up the inside edges to the circle that best matches on the chart. If you’re stuck between two sizes, always choose the larger one. Another good way of measuring from home is to do so with string. Print the ring size chart to actual size, and wrap a piece of string around your finger and cut it at the point when the end overlaps. Then, line up the string with the ring size guide on the chart.

Jeweler’s Ring Sizing Tips

“The wider the band, the tighter it will fit.”

“The more snug, the better.”

“Your fingers swell up in summer, so keep this in mind when choosing the best ring size.”

Once you have the perfect engagement ring, you can start planning the rest of your wedding details – including finding the best wedding venue in Ottawa!


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