5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Corporate Event Venue

5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Corporate Event Venue

Planning a corporate event comes with many moving parts, and one of the most important is finding the right corporate event venue that will meet the needs of your business and make your job easier. The venue that plays host to your corporate event can make or break the success of it, so it requires careful consideration. Factors like space, parking, in-house catering, among many others are just a few of the essential ingredients that are often necessary. At St. Elias, our multi-purpose centres are created with this in mind and have the services and facilities to make any gathering a success.

To help guide you during your venue search, we’ve compiled five signs that will show that you’ve found the right corporate event venue.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Have you ever booked a space to find out it was nothing like how it was advertised and isn’t functional for your needs? Many of us have been there before, and it’s not pleasant when you’re the event planner. Since it’s not always possible to physically visit a venue before the event, it’s important to be able to rely on the information provided.  You need a venue that provides honest and reliable pictures, quotes, and details. It’s also important to have professional, helpful staff and planners on hand who are willing to show you around beforehand and work directly with you to ensure that all of your requirements are met on time.

Properly Equipped

A corporate event space needs to have plenty of chairs, tables, and outlets available for attendees. It should also have a podium, microphones, projector screen, and audio/visual capabilities. Every business event will have different requirements, so a venue that has all the equipment on hand to meet a wide range of business services is very important.

Multitude of Room Options

Having one large room that can easily be split into separate break-out rooms is a must when looking for the right corporate event venue. A venue that can easily be adapted to your growing and changing needs throughout the event will make your job easier when and if last minute changes are required.

In House Catering and Beverage Selection

Food is a pretty big deal when it comes to corporate events. Having a venue centre that prepares and caters food in-house and can provide a decent selection of beverages is also a must. This will ensure that the food is fresh out of the kitchen, with enough flexibility to cater to the needs of your attendees.

Reputation for Excellence

Finding a venue that prides itself on its reputation for professional customer service, quality cuisine, and five-star meeting services is crucial. To ensure a smooth business event, you need the best of the best in business event services. So, take the time to research reviews from previous customers and events to get a clear and accurate idea of their reputation from past experiences.

Here at St. Elias Center, we check off these signs, and much more. With professional and attentive services, a well equipped and flexible event space, in-house catering, beverage services, and luxury touches, you won’t be disappointed. Contact us today to talk to one of our event planners to help you get started on your next corporate event.

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