Plan the Perfect Halloween Party at the St. Elias Centre

Plan the Perfect Halloween Party at the St. Elias Centre

When it comes to hosting a Halloween bash, we know how important it is to have the perfect venue. You need one that has the right amount of space, thrilling acoustics, stunning décor and devilishly good food and drinks that will wow your guests and get them into the ghoulish spirit of Halloween. So if you’re getting ready to organize the party of the year then let us help you plan the perfect Halloween party at the St. Elias Centre this fall.

Shake It Up

Halloween parties need plenty of space for dancing, the costume contest, and to hang all the spooky decorations required. At St. Elias Centre, our entertainment venue is the perfect size to invite all of the thrill-seekers on your list to your Halloween bash. With the option to section off rooms, you can host an intimate event or a massive one – it’s up to you!  

A Monster Parking Lot

Your parking situation will never be a horror scene at St. Elias. We have ample parking with over 400 spots at no charge. So, there’s no need to worry about monsters causing mayhem on the streets; we can accommodate all your parking needs.

The Deadliest Bar

To plan the perfect Halloween party, you always need a well-stocked bar with on-site bar staff that can keep your party going all night long. We have exactly what you need and can shake up the deadliest drinks and cocktails for all your guests to enjoy.

Food to Die For

Whatever your catering needs, we have you covered at St. Elias Centre. Our executive chef is ready to create the best food to die for – from appetizers to spine-tingling mains, for your Halloween party. You can take the worry out of the menu planning with our talented and convenient culinary staff on site.

Crazy Attentive Staff

Our onsite staff is here to help you plan the perfect Halloween party with their crazy attentive skills that will leave you impressed. They can take care of your needs to ensure that you and your guests have the best night celebrating the spooky and thrilling spirit of Halloween.

Make it a new Halloween tradition by hosting in our space here at St. Elias Centre in Ottawa. We have everything you need to host the most thrilling party of the season. Contact us for Halloween theme ideas and tips on how to make your event the best in the city.

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