5 Surprising Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

5 Surprising Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Interested in saving money for your wedding? Let’s take a look at five surprising ways people are saving on their wedding today.

1. Friday, Sunday, or Off-Season

Ottawa wedding venues such as the St. Elias Centre offer considerable discounts for weddings on Friday, Sunday, and in the off-season. You can have the wedding of your dreams at a price that makes sense for your budget and future together. The St. Elias Centre is the perfect venue for an Ottawa wedding, at a price that makes sense. Your dazzling wedding will feel elegant and luxurious, but only you and your spouse will know that your venue rental was arranged for a completely reasonable price. Located just off Riverside Drive, the St. Elias Centre is a well-appointed venue with stunning natural surrounds like Mooney’s Bay and Hog’s Back to take beautiful photos you’ll never forget.

2. Make Your Own Food The Night Before

One way that some couples are saving a surprising amount of money is by making the food the night before. For example, it is not uncommon for people to make dozens of quiche pies, salads, or other foods that are relatively easy to prepare and filling. Also, food can be cooked at the ceremony itself, allowing for the married couple to purchase everything ahead of time and have friends/family prepare the food.

3. Buy Speakers & Pick Your Own Music

Instead of hiring a person to do music, you can save a lot by taking care of this yourself. In addition, you can leave your wedding with an awesome set of speakers! Prior to the ceremony, ask your spouse and your friends for music they like and create a playlist of songs that you can agree with. Purchase some really nice speakers and either set them up yourself or have someone set them up for you. Now, using either your smartphone or a laptop, you will have the best music all night long for the fraction of the cost.

4. Limit Your Wedding To One Thing You Can’t Live Without

It’s ok to be extravagant and bust your budget in one area – but one area only. For example, if you absolutely must have a designer wedding dress, or serve vintage wine, or pay for limos for the wedding party, go for it. But limit yourself to just one indulgence.

5. Make Your Own Flower Arrangements

Depending on the season you can either pick the flowers that will make their way into the arrangements by hand or buy them in bulk and arrange them yourselves. Either way, you save big money by not hiring a florist.

Your wedding can be amazing yet cost-efficient, if you follow these surprising tips.

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