5 Tips for Hosting a Business Luncheon

Hosting a business luncheon is no different than hosting a major event. You have to make all the same arrangements and take in all the same considerations.

Here are five tips for hosting a professional business luncheon that will knock their socks off:

Choosing the Date

First consider the purpose of the business luncheon. If you plan on having a keyword speaker make sure you have their dates of availability first. Then consider things such as potential conflicts including a Friday or Tuesday of a long weekend, popular vacation times during the summer as well as holidays. You want to avoid these as people are less likely to be available.

You can also consider doing a quick survey of guest availability for smaller groups as this will help you narrow down the most appropriate dates. When working with high rollers speak to their assistants to find out their schedules so you don’t inconvenience them with too many calls or emails. This will just make your business luncheon seem like a hassle.

Choosing a Venue

Your business luncheon should have an air of importance and a good way to make this seem like more than the average luncheon is to choose a spot that is not just a local restaurant. Look for venues where you can have a private room with a special menu to show much thought was put into the meeting. This will make you look professional as well as provide a place you can focus on the task at hand instead of getting caught up in what’s going on around you.

Look for corporate event venues that can provide an intimate room for smaller luncheons and larger rooms as required. An event venue will also have many perks such as presentation equipment so you don’t have to worry about it should you need it.

Choosing a Menu

A big part of a business luncheon is of course the lunch. Make sure you work with a venue that can provide a delectable menu your guests will enjoy thoroughly.


You want to ensure you send out invites well in advance of the luncheon to ensure key players are available. If you don’t give enough notice they might accept the invite, but then send someone in their stead.

These tips will help you have a business luncheon that is both memorable and successful.

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