Choosing a Venue for Your Next Event

Your event venue can make or break your event. Follow these five easy steps and you are certain to make your next event a huge success:

Date and Time

Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect event venue only to discover they do not have your date and time available. Before you arrange for a tour or get too emotionally attached, call and check availability. Unless your date is flexible, not checking availability first can end up in heart ached.

Number of Guests

It’s a good idea to have a solid estimate for the maximum amount of guests you are expecting. This will have an impact on the event venue you select as all facilities have maximum capacities for the amount of people they can safely and comfortably fit into a hall or conference room. As well you want to be clear how the room will be set up as this will affect the amount of people. List if you require a seating area for presentations, need tables and chairs for dining and/or participants to be able to take notes, require a dance floor and need to accommodate entertainment on a stage for a band or DJ.


Once you know you can be accommodated at the event venue arrange for a tour of the site. Be certain to check out areas such as washrooms, cloak rooms and common areas to make sure they are well maintained. Check out parking as well and see if they have valet parking if you require it. Make sure you are shown the actual room you will be renting as you don’t want to look at a grand ball room when in fact the only thing available is a smaller less grand room. Take notes and ask questions so you cover all of your bases.

Event Venue Details

Pay attention to details such as lighting and sound. If it is a day event you want to have nice windows with a view. If it is a night event you want to be certain the lights can be dimmed for more intimate, elegant surroundings or brightened if it is not that kind of event. If you will be doing presentations make sure they have the proper equipment.

When you are planning an event, choosing a venue is half the battle. In fact, with the right event venue you can actually win the war.

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