5 Traditions That Make Up a Lebanese Wedding

5 Traditions That Make Up a Lebanese Wedding

If you’re planning a Lebanese wedding, there are a few elements that you may want to incorporate to make it fun and exciting while paying homage to your roots. Here are 5 traditions that make up a Lebanese wedding that are a must-have.   

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

What makes a Lebanese wedding truly a Lebanese wedding? All of the festivities that happen before the actual wedding. These parties are often just as elaborate as the wedding, featuring plenty of food, flowers, and music. A henna party is also typical the night before with dancers and drums. The celebrations continue right up until the ceremony before the bride and groom walk down the aisle. Singing is a common tradition, with women in the family often singing poetry to wish the couple joy and happiness. 


It’s no surprise that the Lebanese like their weddings to be fun, loud and elaborate. So of course, fireworks are a staple. These displays are nothing short of spectacular, with many couples arranging extensive pyrotechnics, creating a sensational display for their guests. 

Sword Cutting

Even the cake cutting is extravagant during Lebanese weddings. The slicing of the cake is done with a sharp ceremonial sword. The bride and groom clasp the sword together and cut the cake for their guests. 

Belly Dancers

Dancing is a typical part of the wedding, but the Lebanese take it to the next level. The bride and groom take their first dance with traditional music and then they perform with the Zaffe and their immediate families. Numerous times throughout the wedding, everyone will get up and head out to the dance floor. There are also typically belly dancers involved, showcasing their moves at most traditional Lebanese weddings as well. 

The Zalaouta

Something every guest should expect to hear at a Lebanese wedding is the high pitch sound known as the Zalaouta. A sound that’s similar to a scream is typical to Arabic and African weddings and is often performed by the women to express their happiness and joy. 

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