5 Unique Wedding Traditions

5 Unique Wedding Traditions

There are so many unique wedding traditions from around the world, each with their own distinct characteristics and customs. If you’re looking to incorporate a little touch of tradition into your wedding, here are five of the most interesting to consider.

Breaking the Glass

One of the most beloved Jewish traditions is the breaking of the glass custom that symbolizes the unity of the bride and groom. Once the Rabbi has announced the newlyweds, the groom will stomp on a piece of wrapped glass to break it. The tradition states that the couple will remain married for as long as the glass is shattered and therefore signifies the permanence of the marriage covenant.

Ring Warming

This Irish wedding tradition involves passing around the rings to the guests at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. Each person holds the rings for a moment and says a silent prayer or blessing for a long-lasting and positive marriage together. During large weddings, the rings are often tied to a ribbon and hung from a table in the reception area before the wedding ceremony so that guests can give their blessings before the wedding begins.

Foot Washing

The foot washing ceremony is a Christian tradition where the bride and/or groom will take turns washing each other’s feet alongside a religious reading. Introduced by the early Christian church, this particular ceremony is meant to imitate the humility of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples during the Last Supper, and to signify the everlasting love and devotion of the couple.

Haldi Ceremony

Indian weddings typically last for three days and are known for their joyous ceremonies and colourful customs. One of the most interesting ceremonies is the Haldi that takes place on the morning of the wedding. Both sides of the family will spread a mixture of turmeric, oil, and water over the clothing and skin of the bride and groom to help calm their skin and nerves before the wedding.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Tea is an important part of Chinese culture, so it’s no surprise that tea is also a part of the wedding ceremonies. During the tea ceremony, the parents and immediate family members are honored by the bride and groom. The order that the tea is served is very important as it shows the couple’s respect for authority. Both the bride and groom will serve tea to the members of both sides of the families to represent the moment that both families become relatives to one another.

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